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These are the committees defined within The Public Accountants Association of Kansas. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
- Assure the Association’s financial affairs are followed according to our by-laws.
- Prepare an annual budget for the Association.
- Review and update the Association’s constitution and by-laws.
- The purpose of the Continuing Education Committee is to: 1) Plan and conduct continuing education seminars and conferences for members and others in the field of public accounting, and; 2) Gather and publish information regarding the management of members accounting practices, and; 3) Collect, approve, and record required continuing education hours for all members of the Association.
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- Plan and supervise the annual convention for the members of the Association. Select the physical location and begin plans for the Association’s convention for the following years.
Convention Committee
To organize the Annual Convention
- Keep a watchful eye on the legislative happenings in the state which could be harmful to our members’ practice of accounting.
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- Maintain Liaison with the Internal Revenue Service, Kansas Department of Revenue, Office of Secretary of State, and any other taxing agencies within the State of Kansas.
- Develop specific long-range goals and devise and recommend programs and procedures necessary to accomplish the objectives of the Association.
- The Member Services Committee is charged with the aid and betterment of the Association and its individual members in the following areas: 1) Member Services and Assistance 2) Technology and 3) Vendor
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- Identify potential new members for the Association, encourage their membership, process and approve application, and be mindful of the needs of members to ensure their retention.
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- Locate and Review candidates for office and make nominations to the membership for the Board of Directors and Officers.
- Inform and educate our members on professional standards with the goal of upgrading the quality of the services provided to the public. Review any alleged violations that are brought before the committee.
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- Promote the Public Accountants Association of Kansas, Inc. and improve the professional image of its members.
- Compile information for the Association’s newsletter and be directly responsible for any and all other printed material.
- Promote donations to this fund to help accounting students in the State of Kansas with their education
- Advise the Administrative Secretary on a regular basis and review annually.

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